Changes History

11.6.001, 2020-06-23

  • You could not view the list of devices online if one of them changed status before you received the device list from the server.

11.6.000, 2020-03-19

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 11.6.

11.4.000, 2019-12-06

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 11.4.

11.2.000, 2019-11-13

  • Add support for new license UBIQUITY PRO ROUTER.

11.1.000, 2019-10-03

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 11.1.

10.8.000, 2019-07-23

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 10.8.

10.7.000, 2019-05-16

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 10.7.066.

10.6.001, 2019-04-23

  • Added compatibility for Runtime 10.6.025.

10.6.000, 2019-03-07

  • Added support for two-factor authentication.

10.3.000, 2018-12-07

  • If you try to sign in with a user that has the "User must change password at next sign-in" set you see a message that asks you to change the password with the Control Center.

10.1.000, 2018-10-01

  • Added support for Runtime 10.1.

1.0.007, 2018-07-19

  • Updated icons, logos and background.
  • Updated the product names.
  • Fixed Operating System details for new devices.
  • Fixed the device system family to support the new routers.
  • Fixed a problem with the device licenses list visualization. Now the licenses are shown with serial number and the product name.
  • Added the visualization of device location info, showing the address (if present) or the coordinates.
  • Added OEM data for generic devices (not routers).

1.0.006, 2017-06-29

  • Removed the row Last Logout Time from the details page, because it is always empty for online devices.
  • Changed the timestamp format of the logs, that now is the same used by Control Center desktop version.
  • Fixed a connection problem with the devices in a domain with Basic Concurrent Runtime Access license.
  • Added a warning message when the end user tries to connect to a device with an expired license in a licensed domain.
  • Fixed a problem of page navigation when an error occurs trying to connect to a device

1.0.005, 2017-05-26

  • Fixed a login problem with domain using new license model.

1.0.004, 2017-04-26

  • Fixed a connection problem in domains with Single Access Single Entity license.
  • Minor fixes.

1.0.003, 2017-02-21

  • Fixed a problem that under some circumstances did not allow to show the content of the domain.

1.0.002, 2016-11-18

  • Review of the user manual.

1.0.001, 2016-09-26

  • Relay server is taken from a list provided by the Access server.

1.0.000, 2016-07-15

  • Official release.

0.9.022 beta, 2016-07-14

  • Pages of log and changes have small fonts in smartphones.
  • If the user cannot connect to a device, then the button is disabled and the line of license is marked with a red color.

0.9.021 beta, 2016-07-12

  • Moved the access server address into the file of resources.
  • Fixed a problem with the top NavBar that under some circumstances is two lines tall.
  • Escaped the characters with a special meaning inside a regular expression.

0.9.020 beta, 2016-07-07

  • It was not possible to connect to a device when the domain was in the 30-day trial period.
  • Fixed a problem with user permissions, because it was not possible to interact with the desktop with just the "Interact with the desktop" flag enabled.
  • Now the Search filter looks for a substring in the path concatenated with the device name.
  • If the user doesn't have the rights to interact or view the desktop of a device, then the device is hidden in the list of online devices.
  • You cannot go back from the User Manual page to the Home page.
  • The list of connected IPs in the UBIQUITY Runtime is not immediately updated when you close a Control Center web remote session, but a connected IP is removed only after the timeout period.
  • Fixed a problem with the top NavBar that under some circumstances is two lines tall
  • Added a warning when the domain is expired as does Control Center.
  • Fixed a problem with browser showing an expired pages when a user refreshes the page and tries to go back to the previous one.

0.9.019 beta, 2016-07-01

  • Added link to open Log from the Home Page and added a link to go back to the Home Page in the page of Log, that is necessary when the Web App is added to the Home Screen in mobile devices.
  • The button used to switch the remote display now is a dropdown button, so you can choose exactly the extended view or which remote display to see.
  • The button used to switch the remote session now is a dropdown button, so you can choose exactly which remote session to see.
  • Added link to open the User Manual in the Home Page.

0.9.018 beta, 2016-06-27

  • Added a search field to filter the list of online devices.

0.9.017 beta, 2016-06-23

  • Added a navigation bar in the internal pages, so it is possible to go to the previous page, without the need to use the Back of browser, when adding the Web App to the Home Screen (Android and iOS).

0.9.016 beta, 2016-06-20

  • Fixed a problem with right click in Safari for OS X.

0.9.015 beta, 2016-06-17

  • The permissions "View the Desktop" and "Interact with Desktop" now are managed properly.

0.9.014 beta, 2016-06-15

  • Added support for multi session.
  • Fixed a problem that prevents you to connect to devices during the trial period.

0.9.013 beta, 2016-06-10

  • Added support for multi monitor.

0.9.012 beta, 2016-06-09

  • The list of online devices is automatically updated when a device changes its state.

0.9.011 beta, 2016-06-08

  • Added a button to switch visualization from "Size to Window" and "Original Size" when connecting using a desktop browser.

0.9.010 beta, 2016-06-01

  • Added support for JPEG compression.

0.9.009 beta, 2016-06-01

  • Added support for Internet Explorer 11.

0.9.008 beta, 2016-05-27

  • Login error message was visible even if the user was correctly logged.
  • Fixed some minor issues with page navigation.
  • Added a page with logs, that you can access from the page with online devices.

0.9.007 beta, 2016-05-18

  • Disabled the "Device access" button if the license type is Undefined, Expired or belong to the wrong OEM
  • Fixed a connection problem with device older than version 3.1

0.9.006 beta, 2016-05-14

  • Added new page with device details.

0.9.005 beta, 2016-05-06

  • Added new error messages that could pop up when trying to connect to a device
  • Added a check so you cannot connect to a device if the domain is expired

0.9.004 beta, 2016-04-29

  • Added a message to warn users if the browser version could be not compatible
  • Send a message to the device when you close a remote desktop session, to have it registered in the audit

0.9.002 beta, 2016-04-28

  • Moved the button that enables the modifier bar to the top of the page
  • New icons to open/close the modifier bar
  • Fixed a problem with some event handlers that were not correctly removed when closing a remote desktop session
  • Fixed a problem the event onpopstate when user pressed the back button of browser

0.9.001 beta, 2016-04-26

  • New look for the list of devices, that is automatically refresh every 30s
  • Added spinning loader when trying to connect to the Runtime
  • Added iOS home page images

0.1.0-alpha.5, 2016-04-15

  • Fixed a problem with Access Server connection, where user was notified that an unexpected error with Access Server occurred and added a simple UI message during remote desktop connection

0.1.0-alpha.4, 2016-04-15

  • Print UserAgent in the footer of Home page just for debugging purpose.

0.1.0-alpha.3, 2016-04-14

  • Added links to main site and UBIQUITY page in the home page, changed a bit the UI of devices list page using blue colors and changed the back icon in the remote desktop page
  • Added scrollable top bar and top bar enabler

0.1.0-alpha.2, 2016-04-12

  • Resizing the window you could see some video artifacts and not always the window was centered.